Who is Ly Da ?

Hello ,

I’m Lyda . I am an aquarian who is very faithful and devoted in anything I put my heart in such as in Career , Friendship , and Love.

I love to express myself through writing than talking , that’s why I start blogging since very young age.

The weak point of my writing is that I write exactly the way I speak ..(hehe) and i’m trying very hard to change it now.


I started working since i was 23years old, and this job has put me out of my comfort zone..though it wasn’t what I loved best at the beginning,  it has made me who i am … a person that understand the soceity  very well in all levels  , a person that strive to make change , … from a happy going girl who used to only love listening to music and watching entertainment program,  to be a woman who likes listening to News and has passion to be kept informed about all the updated social issues.

My first job was very tough which I used to feel really sorry about , but looking back now , i’m very thankful as it has made me mature. And one thing that I always bear in mind “Nothing comes without effort ! ” However i don’t like the word ‘No pain NO gain” lol becasue  I don’t like very tough teacher hmmm ..



I have a nickname from birth that i don’t like people to know , this is a joke!….  it’s ok if people call me Leeda . Usually my close friends like to call me Da Da , it sounds like a happy melody.. and i can’t help loving the way my teacher in Netherlands called me Lydia, it sounds SWEET  .

Ah! I work as Radio Program Producer for Women’s Media Center of Cambodia. I’m very passionated in producing programs about youth issues and social hot affairs.

However , I’m very simple girl , who like doing simple fun things just like others… likes, Traveling & photographing of lifestyle, facebooking , reading best selling books.

I also likes playing sports such as Ping Pong, Bowling & Swimming . I can do it all day looooooong.

I’m friendly cheerful and hardworking in all aspects as I used to have a very tough boss. She formatted me 😦

There are times that I’m very lazy and don’t want to do anything at all

but mostly I’m very bright if I’m healthy , having enough sleep and eating well

I have a dream that I can raise fund to produce a social youth program to raise awareness about the essence of education , how to access to free education as I believe there are many many poor young people in our society who innate brilliant talents but miss chance to attend school , never even have chance to dream a beautiful dream.

I’m inspired to stress on this because I have a poor cousin who lived in poverty and failed to access to good education. But I was too young to help him out back then. However i’m very proud of him now that he could accomplish sth despite all the adversity in his life.


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