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Monday 7 August 2017

People may assume you’re acting in an erratic fashion but your odd behavior makes perfect sense to you. You are driven to reassess the direction of your life as the Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse zaps your 1st House of Self. Although others see your actions as spontaneous today, and maybe even ill-conceived, you know how much serious thought has gone into your decisions. You have an opportunity to express yourself with more authority now as long as it comes from your heart. Senator Alan Simpson wrote, “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”

  • Single’s Love

Just one look is all it takes. This person’s been resisting your charm, but they’ve never had it directed at them full force. Make sure they know you’re playing you want to be on the same page.

  • Couple’s Love

Work or career issues may have a surprising emotional impact on you now, which leaves you little energy for your certain someone at the end of the day. Bear flowers and ask for some TLC for yourself, too.

  • Flirt

Your creative side starts to noodle around with your basic living patterns with hilarious results. You won’t be the only one laughing, but you will be the main beneficiary of the positive outcome.

  • Finance – Money

Personal issues get squeezed out when money is tight. Don’t be the kind who suddenly shouts in traffic or resents your neighbors. Go in the other direction and connect with someone you normally would not.

  • Career – Work

Make your presence known and felt: You don’t have to travel far to make a difference. Your talents will best serve your business if you can hit the road or somehow get out and act as an ambassador.


Sun 06 July 2017

You’re getting ready to make your move but all the details are not ironed out yet. Luckily, you still have some time to organize the pieces so everything will work in harmony. Although you might be champing at the bit today, impulsive behavior could jeopardize your previous efforts. Demonstrate your wisdom by waiting until after tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse in your sign. Humorist Arnold Glasow wrote, “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”