Sun 30 July 2017

You possess a rare ability to maintain an intense connection with a friend or lover while also fostering emotional detachment. In fact, you might choose to keep a long-lasting relationship free of drama by relying on fair-minded thinking rather than subjective emotions. But don’t assume for a moment that this kind of connection is qualitatively any less significant than a traditional one. There are many approaches to swimming with others in the spiritual waters of the soul.

  • Single’s Love

You’re more irresistible than you realize. Assuming a persona will just make you deeply uncomfortable, and your date will sense that. Learn to love who you are and someone else will do the same.

  • Couple’s Love

Sure, you’d rather be skiing (or doing whatever), but responsibility is likely calling you now. Take care of what’s calling so you and your sweetie can fit in a little bit of fun later.

  • Flirt

Huh. Weird. Things were so supremely great there for a couple of days, but today you’re going to feel a touch grumpy. Okay, you’re going to feel really grumpy. Lay low. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

  • Finance – Money

You can’t be too careful with your money today. Those strange currents beneath the surface are actually what are pulling your financial boat along, and it could get sucked into a rip current if you’re not overly diligent.

  • Career – Work

Your energy is perfectly suited to new beginnings, so cast out for the right one. It’s a great time to consider big career moves or take on new clients or partners keep it simple and personal.


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