Sat 29 July 2017

You woke up with a special agenda today and are eager to get started. However, your friends and family might make demands on your time that detract from your original intentions. Avoid the temptation to just slip away and do your own thing now without addressing the awkward relationship dynamics. You don’t have to turn the situation into a major drama. Simply inform people of your plans and let the chips fall as they may. Those who love you know you need your space.

  • Single’s Love

A bump or two may be in order when it comes to your personal road of love. If you’re single, slow down your pace and your expectations. If you’re starting up with someone, make sure communication is clear.

  • Couple’s Love

A healthy relationship requires two healthy people, and the stars say you ought to attend to your physical being with extra care. If the two of you can be active and eat right together, you’re on the right track.

  • Flirt

Put your creativity to the test today. This new love in your life really appreciates how energetic and attractive you are. Now you need to show them how clever you are, too.

  • Finance – Money

Being surrounded by all the good things life has to offer has been nice but you’re ready for a bit of independence. Push your chair back from the proverbial table and prepare to make your way back out into the wider, wilder world.

  • Career – Work

You’re a superstar in your workplace. People are oohing and aahing at your ability to make it happen. What’s your secret? Well, maybe the fact that you genuinely want the best for the company and its employees.


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