Thursday 14 July 2017

You find yourself cast in an entirely new light when something surprising occurs today. Perhaps you were feeling as if your energy was blocked, or maybe you believed you weren’t up for a task that was assigned to you. However, you can’t ignore the positive feedback you’re receiving from the cosmos now. You realize that you were the only one standing in your way. You are not what happens to you. You are what you choose to become.

  • Single’s Love

Your ability to feel comfortable in a variety of environments helps when it comes to your love life. You’re equally at home at a flower show or a raucous concert. Adaptability gives you tons of opportunities.

  • Couple’s Love

Something special in this relationship finally comes to fruition and in a most unexpected way. You can’t say you didn’t see this coming, but the manner in which it happens is a delightful surprise.

  • Flirt

Learn something. Take a trip to the library or explore your favorite neighborhood galleries to see what’s new.

  • Finance – Money

Being tired is normal, but being exhausted is a bad sign. You’re ready for a break, whether your job is ready or not. Even a power nap can rejuvenate you enough to face the day. Without a rest, money seeps away with the rest of your energy.

  • Career – Work

You’re a regular fireball these days! A faint trail of smoke follows you as you rush from meeting to meeting and presentation to presentation. You’re getting a ton done and loving every minute of it.


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